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The ‘Cyclone’ range of Secondary Mine Ventilation fans comes in standard sizes from 610mm to 1400mm. The fans are available in Single Stage or Two Stage (contra-rotating or co-rotating) configurations with flows from 6m³/s to 60m³/s and pressures from 1.3kPa to 7.4kPa. AirEng can also provide design and engineering services for non-standard applications, so please contact our team for more information.  

Standard Features:

  • High Aerodynamic Efficiency
  • Variable Pitch Blades
  • Fabricated Steel Hub and Aluminium Cast Blades
  • Heavy Duty 1000V WEG Motors
  • Motor Thermal Protection
  • Heavy Duty Flexible Anaconda Conduit to Terminal Box
  • Top Stiffening Rail with Provision for Lifting Shackles
  • Robust Casing Construction
  • Externally Mounted Terminal Box & Guard
  • Externally Mounted Thermistor Box
  • External Greasing Points
  • Inspection Door
  • Removable Guide Vane Section
  • Directional Arrows
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate with Serial Number
  • Lifting Points Marked
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Coating – B21 Blue

Standard Accessories:

  • Inlet/Outlet Silencer
  • Vent Bag Adaptor
  • Inlet Cone & Mesh Guard
  • Mounting Feet with Providion for Forklift

Other Accessories:

  • Flame Proof Motors
  • Alternate Motors (TECO, ABB)
  • Outlet Evase
  • Full Channel Base
  • Anti-Spark
  • Holding Brake
  • Steel Blades
  • Customised Coating Options