Fan bearing that had excessive thrust load. Impeller fitted with simple thrust reducing device. New bearing fitted, balance checked and returned to service.

AirEng – Troubleshooting

Have you got one of “those” fan systems in your plant? A fan that has never performed, the bearing has a very limited life, fan impeller wears out quickly, excessive vibration levels…

AirEng provides solutions for “those” systems. We are often told “we wish we had got in contact with you earlier, you have provided us with the solution to our issue!”

AirEng has suitably qualified engineers and technicians that can provide solutions for “those” systems.

New impeller for existing fan! The application contained concentrations of very erosive dust in a wet condition. The original impellers typical life span was only 3 months. With a combination of efficient design and well selected materials this life span was extended to over one year.

Watch this NYB video to understand System Effects: