Design 5000

Design 5000

The Versatile Performer

Our Design 5000 is quiet, robustly constructed and has a stable operating range suited to a broad range of industrial applications. AirEng Design 5000 fans are widely used for clean air, fume extraction, mechanical draft, high temperatures, process exhaust, air handling, heat applications, moisture control, forced draft, combustion air supply and exhaust. Typical applications include pulp and paper machines, grain drying kilns, pollution control, dust collection, air conditioning, petrochemical, coal thermal drying, sugar mill ID and FD, and automotive plants to name but a few.

Available in Single Inlet Single Width (SISW) or Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW), this design incorporates high efficiency airfoil impellers and backward inclined impellers. Its versatility allows different impeller widths from 40% to 120% to be fitted to optimise efficiency.

Design 5000 fans are very cost effective, and are available with a full range of accessories. Features incorporated as standard for this design include:

  • Available in coupling, direct or belt drive
  • Robust construction, extensively stiffened
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Inspection door
  • Drain plug
  • Shaft seal
  • Tachometer mounting hole
  • Full cover shaft guard
  • All guards comply with latest safety standards
  • Fan lifting holes
  • Designed for temperatures of up to 850°C
  • Standard diameters from 310 to 2,260mm (larger on request)
  • Volumes up to 550m3/s
  • Static pressures to 6,000Pa