VIV’s & IVC’s
Flow Control Device, Variable Inlet Vane, Inlet Vane Control, Modulating Damper

AirEng VIV’s & IVC’s

AirEng variable inlet vanes (VIV’s) for nearly any application. We can provide a full range of flow control devices to run in-line or in addition to any new or exisiting fan arrangements, all of which can be designed for temperatures up to 900oC. Using the latest fabrication equipment and manufacturing techniques, we have the capability to manufacture dampers and louvres from basic materials such as carbon steels and stainless steels through to duplex, nickel-alloys and even titanium. If your application is subjected to extreme temperatures, our highly qualified Engineering team will design in insulation to suit your requirments. Our world class VIV’s can be designed to suit even the most contaminated or high abrasive gas streams.  We have several different actuation options available including electric, pneumatic and of course manual operation, each with position controllers per your design requirements.