Performance Envelope

Performance Envelope: Centrifugal Fans

AirEng regards reliability as paramount, and we employ conservative design principles and large service factors in everything we build. With an AirEng centrifugal fan you will immediately notice the heavy gauge materials, substantial stiffening and quality welds used in the casing, pedestal and drive train. This manufacturing standard extends to all components and the result is a fan of robust construction, assuring you of a long, reliable service life.

What a casual inspection will not reveal is the leading technology behind the fan’s design and manufacture. Our centrifugal fans are engineered to operate with high aerodynamic efficiency, low noise levels and a compact footprint.

Balancing to one grade better than the standard required for industrial fans assures low vibration levels, increasing bearing life and dramatically extending maintenance intervals.

As well as having one of the largest ranges of standard centrifugal fans available, AirEng can offer an extremely rapid response in engineering and manufacturing a fan to suit your particular industry application, skilfully matching fan design to process requirements. These resources combine to assure you of the right fan for your application with minimum supply lead time.

Design flexibility encompasses a wide variety of drive arrangements, with drivers including electric, combustion, turbine, pneumatic and gearbox.