Refurbish & Retrofit

Samples of some various types of small impellers from 316 Stainless Steel, materials handling, to axial impellers for wind tunnels. Whatever your impeller type, AirEng can make you a new one!

Impeller diameter 1,975mm to suit fan with 560kilowatt 1485RPM 3.3kV motor, sleeve oil bearings, wear liners.

AirEng – Retrofit and Refurbishment Service

AirEng can make new impellers and components for any make of fan. In many cases the new AirEng impeller is more efficient that the original.

The example on this page was designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned in only 7 weeks from the order date over the Christmas period. An extraordinary feat by anyone! This was a situation where our competitors walked away from taking on the challenge.

Our scope on this fan included: complete fan with inlet box, sound attenuation, flow control devices and evasé.

Next time you have a complete fan or impeller, no matter if its diameter is 50mm or 5,000mm, insist on proven AirEng equipment.