Industrial Fan Terminology Explained – Part 2, H-Z

Industrial Fan Terminology Explained – Part 2, H-Z

There is a raft of terminology that is used when discussing the industrial fans and air movement solutions AirEng provides. Although used daily by our team, this jargon may be new to those who require our services. This article identifies and explains a variety of terms related to air-movement solutions.


Contains the fan blades, impeller and hub. This is the space the air will flow-through


The fan component from which the fan blades extend

Industrial Fan

Creates a continuous flow and circulates air in every direction with the use of blades

Mixed Flow Fan

A type of industrial fan where air enters the impeller in an Axial direction, but then moves to a radial direction, changed by the shape of the blade

Static Pressure

The resistance pressure the fan has to surmount in order to ensure adequate air movement

Total Pressure

The total of both static pressure and velocity pressure


The rate at which air moves

Velocity Pressure

The amount of pressure created by the movement of the fan


The process of moving stale or contaminated air out of an area and replacing it with fresh clean air