Guide Vanes
Multi Pitch Direct Drive, Guide Vanes

Multi Pitch Direct Drive, Guide Vanes

Applied where rotating duct turbulence is to be minimised and also increases fan static pressure. The fan illustrated is fitted in a wind tunnel that has the most stable flow with the highest Reynolds number of any wind tunnel in the world.

  • Economical solution for moving large volumes at low pressure
  • Stable flow profile
  • Available for hazardous location
  • Multi bladed design 2å24 blades
  • Adjustable pitch impellers
  • Large hub ratios available
  • Polypropylene to 800mm diameter
  • Glass reinforced nylon to 1,700mm diameter
  • Aluminium to 4,880mm diameter
  • Standard sizes from 315mm to 4,880mm diameter
  • Volumes to 370m3/s
  • Static pressures to 2,400Pa (single stage)