Multi Pitch Belt Drive
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Multi Pitch Belt Drive

Multi Pitch Belt Drive

For process conditions where the bearings and drive train must be excluded from the airflow. Illustrated is a pair of Arrangement 2 v-belt drive fans, fitted with adjustable pitch impeller, external access to bearings and v-drive for maintenance, and external grease lines. Fan shown is installed in New Zealand in a steel treatment oven.

  • Economical solution for moving large volumes
  • Optional unique “clamshell” design for internal access
  • Available for hazardous location
  • Multi bladed design 2å12 blades
  • Adjustable pitch impellers
  • Taper locking hub for easy removal
  • Polypropylene to 800mm diameter
  • Glass reinforced nylon to 1,700mm diameter
  • Aluminium to 4,880mm diameter
  • Standard sizes from 315mm to 4,880mm diameter
  • Volumes to 370m3/s
  • Static pressures to 1,500Pa (single stage)
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