Axial Fans for Industrial Applications
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Axial Fans for Industrial Applications

Axial fans are typically used in handling critical processes that require drying, ventilation, fume & hot air exhaust and consist of a propeller rotating in a round section of duct. An Axial fan consists of blades that rotate around a fixed axis. The blades of an Axial fan draw in the air in a linear direction parallel to the shaft and force it out of the opposite side, still in a linear direction.

Compared to a Centrifugal fan, an Axial fan has higher sound output but is more compact and better for high volume flow rates at lower pressure.

Axial fans are available in a variety of set-ups depending on each individual application. These include:

  • Direct drive – where the impeller is mounted directly on the driveshaft
  • Belt drive – where the driver is mounted on the outside of the fan casing
  • Bifurcated – where the motor is enclosed in a tunnel inside the fan housing
  • Roof mounted – fitted with a rain cowl and weather flaps
  • Plate mounted – for simplified installation
  • Flue fans – for operating temperatures up to 500°C
  • Auxiliary mine ventilation fans with pressures to 12,000Pa