Can you refurbish an industrial fan?
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Can you refurbish an industrial fan?

An industrial fan is a significant capital investment for a business so you might find yourself wondering if you need to replace your fan, or if you can refurbish or repurpose it. The good news is that in many cases a fan can be refurbished and redesigned.

In a lot of cases, for example in Mining, an industrial fan may be used for project-based work. So, once the project is complete, it is no longer required. It is likely that this fan will be able to be refurbished and repurposed to another project.

AirEng provides an overhaul and refurbishment service in which the team will make an assessment of the existing fan, make any recommendations for maintenance and, if required, redesign the fan so it can be repurposed for a new project. The Wambo Underground Mine Project is a prime example of a working fan being refurbished and repurposed.