How does a Centrifugal fan work?

How does a Centrifugal fan work?

Centrifugal fans are perfect for use in air pollution and filtration systems as all of their moving components are completely enclosed. They’re less prone to wear and stalling issues, operate at a mid-frequency sound level and, compared to Axial fans, are better for high pressure applications.

Entering the Centrifugal impeller in an axial direction, the air then increases speed and changes direction by 90 degrees using Centrifugal force, expelling in a radial direction. In order to achieve the required air flow speed, a Centrifugal fan can be fitted with dampers, louvers and guided vanes.

Centrifugal fans are commonly sub-classified based on the shape of their impeller blades. These classifications are:

  • Forward curved multivane
  • Backward curved laminar
  • Aerofoil blades
  • Radial blades