Industrial Fan Maintenance

Industrial Fan Maintenance

In addition to sourcing the right industrial fan for an application that is manufactured out of the best quality materials, a regular servicing and maintenance schedule should be implemented. This will ensure your industrial fan continues to run at its optimum performance and your business enjoys longevity from their investment.

AirEng is available to assist with any preventive and breakdown maintenance, however owners of AirEng products should always refer to their Operation and Maintenance manual for everyday maintenance guidelines.

Some key steps to maintaining your industrial fan are:

Bearing Replacement

Replacement of fan bearings should not be required for many years if cared for strictly in accordance with the bearing manufacturer’s instructions. The procedure used to replace fan bearings will vary depending on the type of fan and the type of bearing. It is important that the replacement of bearings be supervised or inspected by personnel experienced in such work and equipment. The AirEng team are available to assist where required.

Variable Inlet Vane

Once a year, the variable inlet vane cover plate should be removed and the moving parts re-packed with grease. The lubrication interval should be increased where moisture or particles are present in the air stream.


The fundamental principle of electrical maintenance is to keep the motor clean and dry. This required periodic inspection of the motor. The frequency of the inspections depends upon the type of motor, the service and the motor manufacturer’s instructions.

Periodic checks of voltage, frequency and current of a motor while in operation are recommended. Such checks ensure the correctness of frequency and voltage applied to the motor and yield an indication of fan load. Comparisons of this data with previous data will give an indication of the fan performance. Any serious deviations should be investigated and corrected.


A vibration analyser must be used to accurately determine the level of fan vibration. Vibration readings should be taken by personnel experienced with vibration analysis and vibration analysis equipment. The AirEng Team can assist with this if required.