Is an Axial fan better than a Centrifugal fan?

Is an Axial fan better than a Centrifugal fan?

We hear a lot about the different types of industrial fans, but which is better, an Axial fan or a Centrifugal fan? The short answer is, each fan type is not necessarily better than the other as they both serve a different purpose and are each suitable for different applications. So, the real question is, which fan type is best for your specific air-moving challenge?

Axial fans are used in applications where a large amount of air needs to be moved, such as handling critical processes that require drying, ventilation, fume & hot air exhaust. Compared to a Centrifugal fan, an Axial fan has higher sound output but is more compact and better for high volume flow rates at lower pressure.

Centrifugal fans are perfect for use in air pollution and filtration systems as all of their moving components are completely enclosed. A Centrifugal fan is less prone to wear and stalling issues, operates at a mid-frequency sound level and is better for high pressure applications compared to an Axial fan. If selected well, both Axial fans and Centrifugal fans have similar peak efficiencies.

AirEng designs air moving solutions specific to each customer’s individual needs and will recommend the most appropriate fan type and assembly based on the brief.